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A more subtle art: the late 14th-century Ars subtilior

Sat., Mar. 1, 3:00 PM

Tickets $10-$90

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First Church in Cambridge, Congregational
11 Garden Street, Cambridge
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A new program featuring the head-spinningly complex music of the generation after Machaut – stories of mythological characters and deities set to jazzy, intoxicating polyphony.

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Jason McStoots
Sophie Michaux
Aaron Sheehan
Orí Harmelin, lute
Scott Metcalfe, harp & fiddle
Debra Nagy, recorder & douçaine

All concert dates, programs and personnel are subject to change without notice.

This season’s pre-concert lectures will all be offered online ahead of the event.

Ticket purchases are non-refundable.

Blue Heron is pleased to be participating in the Card to Culture program by extending free tickets to EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare cardholders.
Instructions for claiming a ticket via your card may be found by locating Blue Heron on’s list of Card to Culture Organizations for the Greater Boston Area

Doors open half an hour prior to the concert start time. If needed for mobility, use office entrance next to the playground on Garden Street; all others please use main entrance to the sanctuary.