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Anonymous: Missa sine nomine

Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks, Volume 5

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Cover of PH 5: Anonymous Anonymous (early 16th c.): Missa sine nomine
Sarum plainchant · Kyrie Orbis factor
Hugh Sturmy (early 16th c.): Exultet in hac die
Robert Hunt (early 16th c.): Ave Maria mater dei
John Mason (c.1480-1548): Ve nobis miseris

Restored by Nick Sandon

The 2018 winner of the prestigious Gramophone Classical Music Award for Early Music — the first for a non-European ensemble in the award’s 41-year history– volume 5 of the acclaimed series Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks contains the world premiere recording of a Mass by an anonymous English composer from the first half of the 16th century. Since the source of the cantus firmus has not been identified, the Mass remains without a name (“sine nomine”). The disc also includes an antiphon addressed to St. Augustine of Canterbury which is the only surviving work of Hugh Sturmy, a short and dramatic Ave Maria mater dei by Robert Hunt, whose Stabat mater is a highlight of vol. 3 of the series, and the sonorous and captivating Ve nobis miseris by John Mason, for men’s voices in five parts. This recording is part of a 5-CD project which began in 2010. It was recognized as an Editor’s Choice and a Critic’s Choice for 2017 by Gramophone Magazine, where Fabrice Fitch called the disc “one of the discoveries of the year.”

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BHCD 1007

Release Date: March 17, 2017

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Track Listing

1 Exultet in hac die – Hugh Sturmy (3:31)

2 Ave Maria mater dei – Robert Hunt (4:40)

3 Ve nobis miseris – John Mason (12:46)

4 Kyrie Orbis factor – Sarum plainchant (2:10)

Missa sine nomine – Anonymous

5 Gloria (7:42)

6 Credo (7:34)

7 Sanctus (9:05)

8 Agnus Dei (8:02)

Total time: 55:34