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Scott Metcalfe prepares new editions of almost all the music performed by Blue Heron. Blue Heron editions attempt to convey as much information as possible about the original source, while making practical suggestions for such problems as text underlay. They are in unreduced note values and are untransposed (aside from works originally notated in high clefs, which are transposed down a 4th or 5th, as was the practice of the time), but are set in modern clefs. If you are looking for an edition of anything you find among our repertoire, please contact us for more information. We may be able to help you and are happy to make copies available at cost.

For the Peterhouse partbooks repertoire, Blue Heron uses Nick Sandon’s restorations, published by Antico Edition, whose American distributor is The Von Huene Workshop, Inc. (The Early Music Shop of New England). It was in this shop in Brookline in 1999 that Scott Metcalfe came upon Prof. Sandon’s edition of Hugh Aston’s Ave Maria dive matris Anne, sparking off Blue Heron’s long-term engagement with the music of the Peterhouse partbooks.

Antico Edition also publishes Metcalfe’s edition of Francisco de Peñalosa’s Precor te, domine Jesu Christe (Antico Edition RCM69), the first commercially available edition of the complete motet.