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Press Release

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04-02-2024: Blue Heron Releases Johannes Ockeghem: Complete Songs, Volume 2.

02-21-2024: Blue Heron Celebrates the Culmination of Okeghem@600 With a Festive Okeghem Weekend

02-06-2024: Blue Heron Celebrates the Magnificence of Italian Madrigals with “Tasso & Wert”

12-12-2023: Blue Heron Presents “Renaissance Portraits”

11-08-2023: Blue Heron Presents “Christmas in Medieval England”

09-25-2023: Blue Heron Appoints Arts Executive Bobby Pape as Executive Director

09-12-2023: Blue Heron Celebrates its 25th Season with Music From Belgium, France, Italy, and England, Culminating in a Weekend Festival Exploring the Music of Johannes Okeghem as Part of Okeghem@600, a Multi-Season Project to Commemorate the 600th Birthday of the Composer



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Blue Heron


Scott Metcalfe, Director


Bobby Pape, Executive Director


Laus Polyphoniae celebra il quinto centenario della morte di Josquin Desprez
(Laus Polyphoniae celebrates the fifth centenary of the death of Josquin Desprez)
Paulo Scarnecchia, Giornale della musica | August 4, 2021

Blue Heron marks two decades of bringing early vocal music to life
David Weininger, The Boston Globe | October 24, 2019

Scott Metcalfe on how he dug up a musical treasure trove
Clive Paget, Limelight Magazine | December 4, 2018

Many Voices: Blue Heron brings a hint of the Baroque to Renaissance polyphony
Alex Ross, The New Yorker | January 2, 2011


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