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The lute player Orí Harmelin was born in 1981 in Haifa, Israel. His fascination with early music led him to studies at the Early Music Institute in Trossingen, Germany, under the tutelage of Rolf Lislevand and Kees Boeke, followed by studies in the Zurich University of the Arts with Eduardo Egüez. Orí is a co-founder of the ensemble Santenay (2004-2017) and the house lutenist of the ensembles Profeti della Quinta and Voces Suaves. After having appeared on numerous albums with various ensembles, in 2021 Orí released his debut solo album NESHIMA, featuring his own compositions and arrangements of Renaissance and early Baroque vocal music. Orí performs regularly in Europe, North America, and Asia. In addition to his passion for music, Orí is a Gestalt Therapist and hosts the podcast “the curious case of freedom.” He lives in Basel, Switzerland.

Photo: Paulina Krzyzak