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Landed in Antwerp

Blue Heron is arrived in Antwerp! A red-eye flight brought us as far as Amsterdam, where we boarded an intercity train to Antwerp. Really, I should say *most of us* boarded that train, as one tenor happened to buy a coffee separate from the group and then promptly – and confidently – boarded the wrong train. (It was me, I was that tenor.) We all made it to Antwerp in one piece regardless, where we spent the day resting, adjusting, and exploring this terrific city. Seeing the cathedral in which Ockeghem worked peeking through the buildings of the city provides a poignant context as we prepare to sing. We are eager to begin tomorrow – we rehearse in the afternoon, and perform Ockeghem’s “weird and beautiful” Missa Caput at 10:15pm. We can’t wait!










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