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Robert Jones: Missa Spes nostra

Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks, Volume 4

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Robert Jones (fl. c. 1520-1535): Missa Spes nostra
Sarum plainchant · Kyrie Deus creator omnium
Nicholas Ludford (c. 1490-1557): Ave cujus conceptio
Robert Hunt (early 16th c.): Stabat Mater

Restored by Nick Sandon

“As on previous releases, the singing is both precise and fluid, immaculate and alive”
Alex Ross, The New Yorker

The fourth installment in Blue Heron’s 5-CD series of Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks contains the world premiere recording of the only surviving Mass of Robert Jones (fl.1520-1535), who was employed in the royal chapel during the reign of Henry VIII. Lyrical and mellifluous, the mass is a mature work, revealing a Master composer at the height of his power. The completely unknown composer Robert Hunt left behind a stunning work that brilliantly highlight the drama of the Stabat mater story. The recording is part of a 5-CD project under way since 2010.

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BHCD 1005

Release Date: August 14, 2015

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Track Listing

1 Ave cujus conceptio – Nicholas Ludford (8:51)

2 Kyrie Deus creator omnium – Sarum plainchant (2:27)

Missa Spes nostra – Robert Jones

3 Gloria (8:31)

4 Credo (9:07)

5 Sanctus (10:26)

6 Agnus Dei (8:37)

7 Stabat mater – Robert Hunt (17:51)

Total time: 65:51