Robert Jones: Missa Spes nostra

Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks, Volume 4

“As on previous releases, the singing is both precise and fluid, immaculate and alive”
Alex Ross, The New Yorker

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Robert Jones (fl. c. 1520-1535): Missa Spes nostraPH 4 Jones Ludford Hunt CD Cover
Sarum plainchant · Kyrie Deus creator omnium
Nicholas Ludford (c. 1490-1557): Ave cujus conceptio
Robert Hunt (early 16th c.): Stabat Mater

Restored by Nick Sandon

The fourth installment in Blue Heron’s 5-CD series of Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks contains the world premiere recording of the only surviving Mass of Robert Jones (fl.1520-1535), who was employed in the royal chapel during the reign of Henry VIII. Lyrical and mellifluous, the mass is a mature work, revealing a Master composer at the height of his power. The completely unknown composer Robert Hunt left behind a stunning work that brilliantly highlight the drama of the Stabat mater story. The recording is part of a 5-CD project under way since 2010.

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BHCD 1005

Release Date: August 14, 2015

Download Booklet: BHCD1005 Robert Jones Missa Spes Nostra

Track Listing

1 Ave cujus conceptio – Nicholas Ludford (8:51)

2 Kyrie Deus creator omnium – Sarum plainchant (2:27)

Missa Spes nostra – Robert Jones

3 Gloria (8:31)

4 Credo (9:07)

5 Sanctus (10:26)

6 Agnus Dei (8:37)

7 Stabat mater – Robert Hunt (17:51)

Total time: 65:51