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February 6, 2016

Imagine this Saturday night. Check into your room at the Sheraton Commander, next door to First Church. Perhaps have a walk around the Square.

Then: head down for dinner at Nubar, the elegant and romantic new restaurant in the Hotel. Use a $50 gift certificate to cover the cost of your meals.

After dessert, walk the 50 paces over to First Church for Blue Heron’s concert “From the Eton Choirbook to the Peterhouse Partbooks”, with choice seating. (7:15 for the pre-concert lecture, 8:00 concert).

Then, head upstairs for a restful night’s sleep at the Sheraton Commander. Wake up Sunday, have breakfast downstairs (another gift certificate will cover this expense), and then perhaps a morning walk through Harvard Square before heading home. (P.S. If you stop in at Nubar after the concert — that is, on your way back to your room — there is an excellent chance of catching up to Scott and some of the performers there).

Hotel room, dinner, premium concert tickets and breakfast are ALL included. Incidental hotel charges and parking are not included; and the gift certificates at Nubar cannot be used for alcohol purchases.

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Fair market value: $450.00

Minimum bid: $350

Commander Room picture

Room at Commander

Interior pic of Nubar