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Lorelei Ensemble – Two 2015–2016 Season Tickets

Dedicated to the performance of new and early music for women’s voices, Lorelei Ensemble is quickly becoming recognized as “a source of some of the most innovative and inventive programming” in the Boston area. They are joy to see in concert. Two Herons are also “Lore-ladies”: Sonja Tengblad and Margot Rood.

The winner will get two season tickets to their upcoming 2015–2016 three-concert season.

2015-16 season dates:

November 7/8, 2015
December 18/19, 2015
May 13/14, 2016

For full details on Lorelei’s 2015-16 Season, click here.

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Face value: $225.00

Minimum Bid: $125.00

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