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Be the coolest bartender on the block and the envy of your friends!

This make-at-home Manhattan kit includes everything but the alcohol(!). Included are two artisanal cocktail bitters (made by Debra Nagy) and brandied cherries:

  • cherry-vanilla bitters (in an attractive one-ounce dropper bottle)
  • rhubarb bitters (in an attractive one-ounce dropper bottle)
  • homemade, brandied sour cherries (you’ll never use maraschinos again!).

Mix up Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and more, or just make your club soda extra special with a dash of these lovely, aromatic bitters! The brandied cherries are excellent in cocktails, over ice cream or greek yogurt, or even tarting up a festive holiday meal including duck, pork, or turkey, or…

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