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A Tin of Homemade Scottish Shortbread PLUS a Shortbread-Making Lesson
Given by Volunteer Beth Parkhurst

The shortbread will keep beautifully for at least a month.
Ingredients: Flour, butter, and sugar

Winner will receive the tin (8″ diameter, 3-1/2″ high) filled to the brim with delicious shortbread in the grand Scottish tradition, and a gift certificate for the lesson, which will include instructions on how to redeem it. In addition to knowledge you can enjoy (and exploit) your whole life long, the lesson itself will produce an immediate tangible benefit of TWO MORE tins of shortbread. Are you hungry yet?

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Fair Market Value of Each Tin: $30.00
Value of Lesson: Priceless
Minimum Bid: $100.00

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cardinal cookie tin top