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Remember mixtapes? Well, if you do, forget them. The new thing is Playlists.

But, it is the same idea. Not just a list of tunes an algorithm thinks you might like. But, a playlist: music that has meaning for the creator of the list, put in a specific order, and with the recipient in mind.

The winner will receive from Tenor Owen McIntosh a new playlist every month, from October 2015 through May 2016. Owen’s taste in music is quite varied, and you are sure to be surprised, entertained, amused, and educated by his lists.

The technological aspects of delivery will be worked out between the winner and Owen.

Actually, more needs to be said about this. There is technology that could (or should) make it easier to enjoy being the winner of this item; streaming software such as Apple Music or Spotify allows you to listen to virtually anything without having to own it, and also to create and then electronically share a playlist very easily. Since he can also just email you the list, you are not required to know anything about streaming software to enjoy this. But, if you don’t, some “assembly” will be required (you will have to acquire copies of the music he identifies; having iTunes would help with that.) In short, Owen will NOT be sending CDs (or cassettes) to the winner!

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Value: Priceless

Minimum bid: $150