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That’s right, this is a private concert for you and your friends at the Stepner/Jeppesen home in Newton Centre!

Blue Heron Tenor Jason McStoots, and viola da gambists Emily Walhout and Laura Jeppesen will host you and your guests in an evening (or afternoon) of food, wine and music. Use this occasion to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just a way to treat all your best friends to the unique intimacy of music made at home. The Jeppesen/Stepner house has a space that is just acoustically and aesthetically perfect for this kind of event. Remember, this is a real party, and you can invite up to 20 of your closest friends to enjoy this special occasion with you!

30-45 minutes of music will be provided by these incredible performers. And, you can expect some wonders from Laura’s kitchen, as well (and as usual).

Date and time to be mutually agreed upon by the musicians and the winning party.

Fair market value: $1,500.00

Minimum bid: $1,000.00

Laura Jeppesen on the left, and Daniel Stepner on the right (photo of the Boston Museum Trio, with John Gibbons at center)