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What better way to celebrate a musical evening! Lovingly cellared since 2011 by board member Mary Briggs and her gourmand-oenophile husband John Krzywicki, 2008 Etude is one of their favorites — an elegant, complex fruit forward Napa valley red with soft tannins. It is ready to drink now or (if you really have the will power) for years to come. The vineyard uses sustainable methods to protect the land and sea in the Carneros region, which is cooled by the SF Bay Area climate to provide the perfect environment for the delicate Pinot Noir grape (made famous by the movie “Sideways”).

Nearly twenty Pinot Noir clones, including 10 preciously low yielding heirloom varieties, have been planted in Etude’s Estate Vineyard. As the grapes approach harvest, they are protected from hungry starlings by a falconer and a team of trained falcons. This novel, low impact method of crop protection is yet another example of Etude’s commitment to natural and sustainable winegrowing methods.
Founder and self described winegrower Tony Soter puts it this way: “There’s no better vehicle with which to study or practice the craft of winemaking than Pinot Noir. It is the most challenging, unforgiving and quixotic of all wine grapes, and yet the most delicate and transparent.” He adds: “Make no mistake it is a humbling pursuit, but when it’s right, Pinot Noir is a glorious and moving thing. It is in the pursuit of that experience that we all work.”

Fair market value: $60+

Minimum bid: $30.00