Missa Cuiusvis toni
Ockeghem@600, Concert 8

Saturday, October 13 • 8 PM

This season our presentation of the complete works of Johannes Ockeghem features the composer at his most technically astonishing. We open the season with the “Mass on whatever tone you please,” which may be sung beginning on ut, re, or mi—as if using a natural-note scale starting from C, D, or E: in effect, in three different key signatures.

This concert will also be offered by Blue Heron at St. Cecilia’s Parish on October 11, 2018 at 7:30 PM.

Doors and box office open at 7 PM / Pre-concert talk by Sean Gallagher (NEC) at 7:15 PM

Blue Heron
Margot Rood & Martin Near, cantus
Owen McIntosh, Jason McStoots, Stefan Reed & Sumner Thompson, tenor & contratenor
Paul Guttry & David McFerrin, bass

Johannes Ockeghem (c. 1420-1497), Missa Cuiusvis toni, S’elle m’amera/Petite Camusecte, Se vostre cuer eslongne moy a tort
Anonymous (Chigi Codex), Ave rosa speciosa/Beata mater
Anonymous (Leuven Chansonnier), Escu d’ennuy, Donnez l’aumosne


Buy in advance and save: $75 Sec. A / $49 Sec. B / $35 Sec. C (General) / $27 Senior (General) / $10 Student/Low Income (General)
At the door: $78 / $52 / $38 / $30 / $10
Under 18 admitted free