Blue Heron’s 19th Subscription Season (2017-18)

All subscription concerts are held at First Church in Cambridge, Congregational, 11 Garden Street (next to the Sheraton Commander), on Saturday nights, except Dec. 22 (Friday night) and Dec. 23 (Saturday matinee and Saturday night).

Five-concert Subscription

Four-Concert Subscription

October 14
Ma maistresse: Songs, masses & a motet for My Lady (Ockeghem@600, Concert 6)

December 22 & 23
Christmas in Medieval England

February 3, 2018
Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks (Richard Pygott, Missa Veni sancte spiritus & other works)

March 3
Missa Fors seulement & other music based on songs (Ockeghem@600, Concert 7)

April 14
The Iberian Songbook: Spanish songs & dances, 1450-1600